Herewith you will find the "regulations for behaviour" from A til Z:

The owners of the campsite welcome you to "Rheincamping Meerbusch" and wish you a very pleasant stay. We all strive to make sure that the time you spend at our campsite is as enjoyable as possible. In the interests of all campers here we kindly ask that you take note and comply with the following Rules and Regulations:


Please sign in at the reception on arrival and please supply valid ID. Your space allocation is arranged by the management, with consideration given to any facilities you may need. Please note that if you have day visitors, or short-term visitors, the pitch lessee is responsible in ensuring that the visitors are properly registered at reception.


For activities and planned events, please see our blackboard.


Near the reception area you will find our blackboard, which will be posted with a lot of information and data. Additional information can be found at reception where you can also get a weather report.

We have closed the Boat Slipway in 2014!


Pitches must be vacated by 12 o'clock on day of departure. Campers leaving after this time will be charged for a further night. Extensions are allowed only by prior arrangement and at the discretion of the management.


The campsite management put into practice all the rules and regulations for the campsite and the slipway. We therefore wish to point out that we have the right to eject, or refuse admittance to, guests who cause a disturbance of the peace whether by noise or immoral or indecent behaviour. This also applies to campers who do not comply with the camp rules, to the annoyance of other campers.


Children under 12 years of age may camp separately in the scheduled campground if they are accompanied by a legal guardian or group leader. Teenagers, 16 years or older, may camp if they have written permission from their parent or guardian. Parents are responsible for their children throughout the camping grounds and playground.


Cyclists are asked to be considerate please and only drive on paved roads. Do not forget to turn on your lights at night.


Please be considerate and respectful to other guests and avoid causing a disturbance of the peace with loud noise, especially from radios, TV's or other devices. This is particularly important during rest periods and it also applies to day visitors.


We are sure that you attach as much importance to cleanliness as we do. Therefore please make sure that all the facilities of the campsite, in particular the shower and washing blocks, are kept clean. Children up to 6 years of age must be accompanied by an adult in the toilet facilities. The removal of shower knobs, and the placing of additional shower devices is not allowed. No smoking in the washrooms. The sanitary containers must be kept closed at all times, as they are only intended for campers. You will receive an access code for these on arrival at the front desk.


The camping staff will be happy to give you useful tips on tours and exploration of the surrounding areas and cities...Just ask us!


The campsite staff are available around the clock. Outside of the reception opening times you can reach us in an emergency via the numbers specified and at reception you will also find an emergency bell. The emergency numbers for a doctor, pharmacist or emergency services can be found at the entrance area.


Electricity is charged at the current flat rate and is in addition to pitch fees. You will need a Euro plug for the power supply.


Gas can be bought from reception during opening times. Aluminum gas cylinders can also be exchanged. Please sign up for this at reception.


Our camp staff will be ready to advise you on areas of where to set up caravans, mobile homes, tents, etc.

Any changes will be made only with the consent and agreement of staff.


There are special areas for games, including ball games. Please use these areas for your own safety and uninterrupted fun. Barefoot running is done at your own risk. Please remember that the play area equipment is not meant for adults.


In the case of any accident happening on the campsite, liability of the management or members of the staff will only be liable if it can be demonstrated that they are at fault. Liability for loss or damage to property,including cars, mopeds, monocycles, tents, boats, jet skis, caravans or mobile homes etc, will not be accepted. This also applies to third party (theft ,vandalism,etc) and force majeure ( lightning,severe weather, storm, hail, flood etc) The management is excluded from liability for any personal injury or damage to owners property caused by the owner, or other campers. For loss of money or other valuables including general items used for camping the management is also not liable The campers are fully responsible for their visitors during their whole stay on the campground. No claims can be made for their property.

"Parents are responsible for their children" No liability is assumed for power cuts and subsequent consequences.


Located on site is our small mini market where you will find a selection of items for your immediate needs. The market is open during reception opening times. We also offer fresh baked rolls daily. Orders for these rolls can be placed up to 20.00hrs the previous evening. You can collect your rolls from 08.00am.


Camping and other fees may vary according to the valid price list. Information on fees can be found on our blackboard at the entrance.


Open fires are strictly forbidden on the entire campsite, including the separate area for tents, for safety reasons. Of course you can use your BBQ, which must be operated in compliance with all the safety regulations. Fire extinguishers are located on the camping grounds.


Guests with pets are welcome on the grounds of the campsite. However, certain rules must be adhered to in the interest of all guests.

* Keep your dog within the limits of your pitch area. (At most about 3m)

* You can exercise your dog, and let him do his "business" in the adjoining open spaces at the edge

of the campsite. Please ensure that you remove any dog waste and dispose of it in our garbage


* Dogs are not allowed in the toilets

* Pet owners are responsible for their pets.

* Illegal dog fighting is forbidden.


We have a postal service on site for sending and receiving mail.


You are not allowed to build fences or other structures around your pitch. Please make sure that tent pegs, cords, power cables and other tent or camping accessories are placed down safely and will not present a hazard to other campers.

Exceptions are made for our annual rent, for which there are separate regulations. For pitches along the front of the Rhine, an additional fee will be charged.

RESTAURANT SERVICE (Beach Club Tropicana):

The Tropicana beach bar is open for you from noon, on sunny days. In low season please see revised opening times, which will be displayed on our information boards.


The rest period begins at 10.30pm and ends at 06.30am. In the afternoon from 01.00pm till 03.00pm we have siesta. We ask that you please observe the noon and night rest period and refrain from driving during these times. The only exception to this is in the area of the nautical slipway.

During rest times the entrance barrier will remain closed. Arriving guests can park at the entrance (transit space) except in an emergency. The security personnel at the campsite have complete authority for for the campground and we ask that you must please accept their instructions in good faith.


Trading sales and advertising, whether political or religious, are not permitted on the campsite.


The special area for tents is located near the entrance area or. Here too, it is forbidden to make a campfire except by prior notification with the management and in compliance with its provisions.


Please make sure that your visitors are registered on arrival and that they leave the campsite by 10.30 pm. Any overstay will incur a nightly fee. Day visitors pay the applicable daily fee on arrival.

Visitors vehicles must only be parked outside the camp. Please pay particular attention to this rule.


Vehicles allowed on the site, at walking pace and unnecessary driving should be avoided. Entrance is made at the gate and is only accessible with a code card, which is available at reception. The card is not transferable to other persons or vehicles. Vehicles should always allow for one car to pass through the barrier at a time and let the barrier close before following through. If you do try to follow through, the barrier could come down and may result in damage to your car, for which you will be responsible. Please see warning notice.Washing of all vehicles on the campsite, whether cars, boats, camper vans, caravans or motorcycles is strictly forbidden.

Driving during the rest periods is not permitted. Staff vehicles are excluded.

Boats and large trailers may be parked only in the designated parking areas. These areas are adequately signposted and are allocated by the resort management.


Please note the sorting of waste on the campsite. You will find that the place for disposal of gray waste water is appropriately marked, as is the place for disposal of toilet cassette.


We strive to make sure that the ecological and environmental concerns in this area are protected. We ask that you be economical in the usage of water when showering or washing up, and not to use too much washing powder. These measures will help to avoid waste. Your efforts will help us to reduce costs. In addition you will be making a valuable contribution to the recovery and preservation of our environment.

We wish to inform our campers that many areas of the campsite, in particular the area of the entrance barrier, the reception, the catering operation and sanitation and waste containers are under video surveillance. This is in all our interests.

The most important standard of living is common sense!

The management and staff of the Rheincamping Meerbusch wish you a very pleasant stay.