In 2018 the campsite at Meerbusch has celebrated 70 YEARS!!!

We received from Meerbusch City permission to view the archives regarding the campsite.

The first records are from1948.

15th April 1948, the first lease was signed with Mr. Luz and was terminated in 1963. The cost of a seasonal pitch was 30 German Marks.

1954 camping fees were 0.50 DM per person, car 0.50 DM and caravans 1 DM. Facilities were minimal.

Several small water sports clubs were granted permits for a short time to establish small private camping grounds for tents and caravans. These permits were never renewed.

In 1963 Mr. Franz Leven was the new owner and he remained the owner until 1993. Many older guests of the Tropicana beach bar remember the quaint "board pubs" which Mr Leven ran.

In 1963 there were 81 long term campers. In 1967 there were 97 caravans and 133 tents. Fees were 1.25 DM per square metre, car 10 DM, caravan 15 DM and a tent 5 DM.

In 1993 the lease finished for Mr. Leven and today we still have guests who were camping here before Mr. Leven.

After long negotiations a new investor and operator was found AZUR Leisure from Stuttgart. The company invested in a complete infrastucture i.e the area was connected to the mains water supply and sewerage, miles of power lines were laid, large concrete surfaces were constructed for mobile containers for sanitary facilities, reception, office and pub. The complete infrastructure is owned by the owner, only the ground is rented from Stadt Meerbusch and the German Federal Government by the owner.

In 2008 Azur leisure went to court as the camping belonged to a various companies in Germany and Italy.

In July 2008 the camping was sold to a private company the Breitbach family, Brix & Company GbR. Since 2014 Rainer Breitbach jnr and Markus Brix are the owners of Rheincamping Meerbusch.