* Dusseldorf: Konigsalle - Ko- Gallery - One of the most prestigious shopping streets in the world!

* The legendary Komodchen- Germany's first political-literacy cabaret stage.

* Rhine promenade/ Castle Square with the Radschlagerbrunnen under the plane trees.

* Dusseldorf Old Town - the longest bar in the world and in daily use!

* Media Port- 20years ago it was old warehouses and today it is one of the liveliest scenes of
   Dusseldorf with its   spectacular structures by the American Frank O Gehry.

* Rhine Tower-172.5m above sea level where you can dine on unusual cuisine. The restaurant
   rotates gently around it's own axis and offers breathtaking views of Dusseldorf and the Rhine.

* Boat tour - a magnificent panoramic trip between the Old town and Media harbour. During the
   tour there is a German and English commentary.

* Barbarossa - Kaiserwerth. On the edge of the picturesque village of Kaiserwerth
  (opposite the camping) are the mighty ruins of the medieval imperial palaces of
   the legendary Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. This is one of the most important
   castles on the Rhine.

* Benrath Palace and Park. This castle was built as a pleasure and hunting palace
   for the Emperor Carl Theodor.

* Bochum -German Mining Museum. In the 20 halls there are the original machines,
   conveyors and miners tools and lights.

* Cologne Visit this unique city with it's large cathedral. It is cosmopolitan, tolerant
   and multicultural.

* Duisburg Here there is the largest inland port in Europe. It is a major logistics and
   trade centre and the largest employer in Duisburg. The port offers several times an
   hour boat trips

* Duisburg Zoo: More than 2,000 animals of 281 species. The zoo is particularly proud
   of it's Koala breeding project. A pioneer in Europe.

* Essen. Folkwang Museum. This is one of the most important and oldest museums of
   19th and 20th century art. The collection is very extensive and shows the art and artists
   of this period.

* "Zeche Zollverein Essen": Eiffel Tower of the Ruhr at Essen. It is 55 metre high winding
   tower, a symbol of the mining and steel industry of the past in this region. It is an
   industrial monument and since 2001 has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you
   can also delve into the history of the miners and culture, art and design..

* Neuss: Ski hall 365 days of sking fun. A winter sports paradise for beginners and professionals.

* Oberhausen: Sea Life, here the visitor can see the fascinating underwater world with
   impressive sharks, rays, seahorses and many other sea creatures. There are 40
   different pools for the creatures. The areas also are modelled as a harbour, fjord or the
   North Sea and have in there with the typical species.

* Oberhausen: Legoland with over 4 million Lego bricks A journey into the unknown. Lego
   Studios4D, modelling workshop, experiment and build with Legoland mini. There are even
   attractions of the Ruhr built from Lego

* Oberhausen: Gasometeer It is 117m high and a steel construction. Visitors are impressed
   by the size and inside there are 7 to 8 fold visitor echoes. The observation desk can be
   reached by an internal glass elevator or an outdoor elevator. The view over the Ruhr area
   is not to be missed even with a fear of heights.

* Museum Hombrich: Here there are 12 pavilions of art by Heerich which shows different
   cultures and from 2 millenia. They are set amongst willows brooks and historic gardens.
   Art parallel to nature.

* Schloss Dyck: An imposing moated castle one of the most important cultural monuments
   of the lower Rhine which looks back on nearly 1,000 years of history. I t also has beautiful
   gardens where one can relax amongst the surroundings and admire the views.

* Veste Zons: This has been uniquely preserved from the 14th century. It is regarded as the
   best preserved example of a fortified town on the Rhine.